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A Different Kind of Landscape

Back in 2014, I kind of lost my inspiration with landscape photography. I had photographed most of the areas around me extensively, and journeys further away was becoming more and more difficult. In search of inspiration, I decided to try something new and organised couple of photoshoots with professional models. This soon gave me an idea to work on a project...


My goal with these images is to place the people into the landscape in a balanced way where they compliment each other rather than one becomes the main focus. It can be quite tricky as I am always struggling between a longer lens to capture the model up close vs a wider lens to include more of the landscape. However, occasionally I can find the right balance to come up with something special.

I have certainly got my landscape inspiration back since I start this project, so I can definitely say it's been helpful. This is why I still occasionally work with models when I have an idea for an image. If you want to colloaborate on similar projects, get in touch!

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