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1-2-1 Astrophotography Workshop

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1-2-1 workshops tailored to meet your requirements depending on your experience.

1-2-1 Astrophotography Workshop

1-2-1 workshops can cover different areas of astrophotography. Workshops can focus on one of these themes or we can combine different themes depending on your requirements. 

Twilight at Kimmeridge
Twilight at Kimmeridge

1. Classic Moonlit Nightscapes:

This type of workshop will focus on capturing landscapes under twilight and night skies. We'll go over the challenges of working under low light and moonlight, learn the camera skills required to capture beautiful nightscapes, and understand the importance of balanced lighting between landscape and night sky. This type of photography is best carried under some moonlight however can be done in any time of the year. 

Milkyway Rising over Daymark Tower in South Devon
Milkyway Rising over Daymark Tower in South Devon

2. Milkyway Landscapes

 This type of workshop will focus on capturing the milky way, either on it's own or combining it with landscapes. This type of workshops are best run when there is no moon or new moon to minimise the light pollution. We'll go over the challenges of working in very dark conditions, how to operate and focus your camera in very dark conditions and practice capturing milky way. This workshop can be run any time of the year, however due to the orientation of Earth, for northern hemisphere milky way is best visible in summer months  

Orion Nebula & Barnard's Loop
Orion Nebula & Barnard's Loop

3. Deep Space Astrophotography

This type of workshop will focus on capturing the beautiful deep space objects; nebulae, constellations, and galaxies. We will cover basic equipment and techniques (image stacking, dark & light frames, etc) required to create deep space astrophotography images. Processing is a crucial part of deep space astrophotography, therefore it is recommended to book the 2 day option to cover processing basics. However, we'll go over the processing techniques during the shorter workshops as well.

While it may seem intimidating, this level of workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of deep space astrophotography or improve their knowledge. This type of photography can only be practised under completely clear skies, however even when the conditions are not ideal, we can still practice setting up equipment and go over the basics.

Workshop Duration:

1-2-1 workshops can either be run overnight for 4-8 hours with fieldwork and explanation of some of the basic processing methods, or over 2 days with overnight fieldwork and processing workshop next day.

Larger Groups:

While it is advertised as 1-2-1 workshops, I am happy to accept groups of 2 or 3 at a reduced price if you want to join with friends. Contact me for details and pricing on group bookings.

Locations Covered:

Workshops can be run anywhere in South West England and Wales. Best locations are coastal areas away from light pollution. Dartmoor and Exmoor are also great locations with minimal light pollution. Depending on the type of workshop you are after, I can recommended suitable locations. 


A large sensor camera such as SLR or a mirrorless CSC (Panasonic, Sony, Fuji etc) with a wide angle lens is necessary to capture the night sky. A tripod and a remote shutter release will also be necessary to keep the camera stable for long exposure times.

For the more advanced levels of astrophotography, a tracking mount is crucial. I will be providing these for the workshop participants, explaining why they are so important, different models available and how to use them.


Unfortunately astrophotography is best practised under clear skies. However as long as forecast is not completely overcast we can shoot some form of astrophotography. In case of bad weather, workshops can be rescheduled or we can go over the theory and camera skills depending on participant's wishes.

Pricing and Booking:

The total price of the workshop is £120 (GBP) for overnight fieldwork workshops and £220 (GBP) for two day workshops. A deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remainder of the balance due 2 weeks before the workshop date.

Full arch of summer milkyway
Full arch of summer milkyway

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